Learning Resources

This page contains a list of resources that aspiring bridge players can use to learn to play bridge and experienced players can use to improve their play of bridge. The list is short for now but will grow over time. If you find a good resource that is not on this list, please send information about the resource to admin@renobridge.com.

Don Roger’s Lessons
One of the things that is great for Don is that he runs weekly Coaching Sessions and gets first hand information on what newer players find confusing and what the common misunderstandings are. In Don’s lessons, you will find handouts on the following topics: Notrump, Defense, Overcalls, Balancing, and Doubles.

Learn to Play Bridge
An interactive, learn-as-you-play web-based program powered by BridgeBase robots. LTPB online proves a safe environment for players to test and learn new skills. LTPB online can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

Introduction to Duplicate Bridge
The American Contract Bridge League provides a description of what duplicate bridge is.

BridgeBase (bridgebase.com)
The homepage of BridgeBase contains links to the following play bridge resources: Just Play Bridge (an infinite stream of bridge hands), Bridge 4 (sets of 4 deals), Just Declare (no bidding, just play), and Bridge Master (deals with solutions provided for beginner to world class levels).

The Convention Card
This video on YouTube is presented by Audrey Grant & David Lindop.

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