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Bridge Lessons

The wonderful thing about bridge is that there is always more to learn! And learning bridge is really good for the health of our brains. The Mathewson Bridge Center is fortunate to have several bridge teachers who will help you in learning to play bridge or in improving your game.

At Any Level

Weekly Wednesday Lesson with Bob Luebkeman
Bob Luebekman offers free bridge lessons at the Matthewson Bridge Center, Wednesdays at 1:30. You don’t need to pre-register, there is no charge, you get to see your friends, and you LEARN from a pro!  Remember to wear your mask if you are not vaccinated.

Weekly Saturday Practice Sessions with Jill Wallace
Jill Wallace offers free practice sessions at the Mathewson Bridge Center, Saturdays, 9:30 -11:00 and 11-1:30. Although these supervised play sessions began in association with the Learn to Play Bridge 1 and 2 classes, other players from MBC are attending these sessions to meet and support our newest players and to review their own bidding and play concepts. Each session focuses on a particular play or bidding concept. If you would like to receive weekly emails regarding the topics for these sessions, please let Jill Wallace know ( COVID19 vaccine required for the time being.

At the Beginner Level

Learn to Play Bridge I (New series starting on Aug. 4th – Sept. 22nd, 2021)
Teacher: Jill Wallace,
Date/time: A weekly online lesson on Wednesdays, 3:30-5:00 (via ZOOM), plus two weekly practice sessions (one online and one at Mathewson Bridge Center)
Level: This series is recommended for people who are beginning bridge players or who would like to review beginning bridge topics.
Cost of Lessons: $75 (contact Jill Wallace,, for payment detail)
Textbook: Beginning Bridge Using 2 Over 1 by Jim Ricker. In addition, handouts will be provided.

At the Advance Beginner to Intermediate Level

Learn to Play Bridge 2 (Aug. 2nd – Sept. 20th, 2021)
Teacher: Jill Wallace,
Date/time: A weekly lesson on Mondays, 3:00-4:30 (via ZOOM), plus two weekly practice sessions (one online and one at Mathewson Bridge Center)
Description: This course begins where Learn to Play Bridge I leaves off and will continue with students learning to play Two over One, a modern day bidding system. We will also focus on competitive bidding where both pairs at the bridge table are competing for the contract.
Level: This series is recommended for people who attend the Learn to Play Bridge 1 course and for advanced beginners who are ready to take their bidding and play to the next level. Upon completion of this course, you should be ready to play in any social or duplicate bridge group.
Cost of Lessons: $75 (contact Jill Wallace,, for payment detail)
Textbook: Beginning Bridge Using 2 Over 1 by Jim Ricker

Lessons upon Request by Rolando Grijalva
Rolando offers groups of lessons in person and online on various topics. Lessons are intended for advanced beginners and intermediate players, but some basic bidding concepts are required (e.g. what are invitational, sign off and game forcing hands). Roland is an advanced bridge player from Ecuador who is currently pursuing a PhD in Civil Engineering at the University of Nevada, Reno. He has played bridge for about 14 years now and was U21 South American champion in 2008 and played in the 1st World Mind Sport Games the same year, got 2nd place in 2011 Bolivarian Championship and was port of Ecuador’s U21 team from 2008 to 2012, and U26 team in 2014.   
For more information about Rolando’s future classes (topics, cost, and format), please email him at .

At Intermediate Level

Intermediate Bidding & Play Practice Sessions with Don Rogers (see Don Roger’s Lessons)
Date/time: Every Thursday, 9:00 am – 11 am
Location: Mathewson Bridge Center (125 W. Plumb Lane)
Description: These are not lectures. Participants bid and play actual hands, leaving the bidding out on the table for discussion afterwards. Although many people choose to come with a partner, this is not required, and no advance sign-up or reservation is necessary.
Teacher: Don Rogers. If you have questions, or would like to be added to an email list for these sessions, you can email Don directly at
Level: These sessions assume a basic knowledge of bidding and play, and are not intended for complete beginners. 
Cost: $5 per person

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