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Game Results

On the Reno Game Results page, you will be able to view your results, the game deals and bidding, and how you did in comparison to the other players who played the same deal. You can even replay a board to see how you could improve your bidding or play.

MasterPoint Races

The Helen Shanbrom Ace of Clubs award is based on all points won during a calendar year at the club level with the exception of those won in STaCs. The Mini-McKinney award is based on All points won during a calendar year including ACBL tournaments and STaCs but excluding points won online. The following links lists the monthly leaderboards:
2021 Ace of Clubs Leaders
2021 Mini-McKinney Leaders
Want to know how our MP leaders fare in District 21? See D21 Ace of Clubs and D21 Mini-Kinney leaderboards.

Power Ratings

Your Power Rating for each game starts with your game percentage.  Then your opposition’s strength and your partner’s strength is factored out and what is left is how well you score at bridge, defined as your power rating. You can check out your personal and partner power ratings at:

  • Go to the Reno Home Page link, which includes all Mathewson Bridge Center games.
  • Go to this second Reno Home Page for all Reno Virtual Club games.

Extra Special Performances (ESP) this Past Week (June 11-25)

The following people has 60%+ games this past week:
Sunday (July 11)
Open Game: Rupert Brauch and Leigh Zerboni 71.43%; George Clarke and Cherri Ross 62.7%
99er VC Game: Michelle and Joseph Pomroy 62.50%
Monday (July 12)
Open VC Game: Rich Scoggin and Gil Ramirez 61.7%; Kathy Lane and Linda Averett 60%
Tuesday (July 13)
ProAm 500 Game:
Open Game: Steve Print and Charlotte Falk 67%
Wednesday (July 14)

Open Game:
Thursday (July 15)
Open Game: Susan Powell and Don Parsons 61%
299er Game: Mitch Miller and Mike Newmark 65.5%
Friday (July 16)
Open Game: Bob and Beth Underwood 67.8%; Jefri Donovan and Jill Wallace 60.9%; Marty Blain and Paul Kushner 60.2%
99er Game: Pam Craigie & Curt Follmer 70%; Dick Beye & Ed Clough 67.5%
Saturday (July 17)
ProAm500: Rolando Grijalva and Ed Winchester 66.1%; Sharon Bahry and Patrick Campbell 60%
Sunday (July 18)
Open Game: Jon & Alice Probst 62.9%; Theresa Choma and Jefri Donovan 61.8%
99er VC Game: Michelle and Joseph Pomroy 69.4%; Lewis and Merdene Hess 65.3%
Monday (July 19)
Open VC Game: Virginia Kellermeyer and Rene Reid 60.7%; Kathy Lane and Linda Averett 63.5%
Tuesday (July 20)
ProAm 500 Game: Lee Dunn and Jo Ann Ober 66.1%
Open Game: Sherri Gautier and Mark Bumgardner 73%; Steve Print and Charlotte Falk 62%
Wednesday (July 21)

Open Game: Rich Scoggin & Marie Ernst 75%; Robert Wermick and Rick Greenthal 63.3%
Thursday (July 22)
Open Game: Jim Paschal and Tom Howell 62.2%; Julie Cardinalli and Ron Haines 61.7%
299er Game: Pam Cragie and Debbie King 70%
Friday (July 23)
Open Game: Rich Scoggin and Lee Dunn 61.5%; Don Parsons and Susan Powell 61.5%
99er Game: (under review)
Saturday (July 24)
ProAm500: Rolando Grijalva and Ed Winchester 63.9%

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