Current News

  • All Virtual Club games during the week of Monday, July 26th through Sunday, Aug. 1st will award double masterpoints and 1/4 will be GOLD!
  • A 99er game has added to the Friday 10:00 am Open game. To preregister for this game, click on the following link: https://bit.ly/36UA1mk. One person can preregister for the partnership, adding both names to the form. You can also pre-register as a “single” and add a note that you need a partner.
  • Welcome to New Unit ACBL members Olga Barry, Valerie Castor, & Ilia Yamboliev and to new transfers Kathi Congistre, Linda Gonzales, and Debra Ziegler.
  • We also say a sad goodbye but the best of luck to our members who have moved: Jacque Chandler to Virginia Beach, VA, Mike Slattery to Port St Lucie, FL, and David Wright to Toronto ON Canada. We do hope to see you playing online in one of our virtual games.
  • CONGRATULATIONS to: New Junior Master Maryam Jabbari, New Club Master Linda Sinclair, and New Ruby Life Master Elizabeth Underwood!
  • New classes for beginning and advanced beginners (see schedule for classes on the Education page) – Learn to Play Bridge 1 and Learn to Play Bridge 2!
  • Weekly supervised play sessions 3 days of the week: Wednesdays, 1:30-3:30, Lesson and supervised play by Bob Luebkeman; Thursdays, 9-11, supervised play by Don Rogers; and Saturdays, 9-10:45 and 11-1:30, short topic review and supervised play by Jill Wallace.
  • The Extra Special Performances (ESP) section has been updated for June 20th-26th on the Games page. Front page recognition goes to Nancy & Alan Wood who had a 70.6% performance in the 99er game on June 20.
  • Changes in games for July:
    • To increase the table counts, the Tuesday F2F game will go back to being a F2F ProAm 500 game (as it was in pre-COVID times). The first Tuesday of the month will remain a F2F ProAm 500 TEAM game.
    • The Wednesday VC game will go back to being an VC Open game.
    • The times for the F2F Tuesday ProAm 500 game and the F2F Thursday Open game will move to a NEW START TIME of 12:30.
    • All other games and game times will remain the same with F2F games on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and Virtual Club games on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Mathewson Bridge Club currently now has three in-person games a week, Tuesday at 12:30 (ProAm 500 game) at 12:30, Thursday (Open & 299er game) at 12:30 and Friday (Open game) at 10:00. Players are required to show proof of vaccination but are NOT required to wear masks while in the MBC building. If you have a fever, cold or any illness with symptoms consistent with COVID, stay home and get well before coming to the club. In addition, players will also be asked to sign a liability waiver. Please email admin@renobridge.com if you need a partner for either game and arrive early to get set up.
  • All Western 99er NiteClub: The Mathewson Bridge Center is participating in the 99er NiteClub, which offers 12-board ACBL Virtual Games, Monday – Thursdays at 6:30 pm PT. Each of the game offer post-game analysis hosted on Zoom by ACBL certified teachers. Many of our 99ers are participating and enjoying these games.
  • ACBL Guest Memberships: If you would like to become a brand new ACBL member, you may sign up for a free 120-day guest membership. This guest membership will allow you to play in any ACBL club or tournament game, earn up to 20 masterpoints, read online editions of the Bridge Bulletin, and receive Live for Clubs results emails.

Weekly Schedule: Please note that the Virtual Club games are in blue text and the In-person games at MBC are in red text. Download the July Game Schedule.

Monday, July 2610:10 am 399er | 10:25 Open
Tuesday, July 2712:30 pm ProAm500 | Open
Wednesday, July 289:50 pm Open
Thursday, July 2912:30 pm Open | 299er
Friday, July 3010:00 am Open | 99er
Saturday, July 311:50 pm ProAm500
Sunday, August 11:50 pm Open | 2:10 99er
Game Schedule: July 26-August 1

Can the world’s most popular card game change the way we build connections? For those who play bridge at the Mathewson Bridge Center (currently playing virtual club games), the answer is yes!

Bridge isn’t just a card game. Bridge provides a cognitive workout as well as an opportunity for social interaction. It isn’t just seniors who are benefiting from this game, the younger generation is reaping the benefits as well. Just view “The Next Stage Has Begun for the Mathewson Bridge Center” on KRXI Fox 11 with Connie Wray and you’ll see why people like to play bridge!

Our Location

Mathewson Bridge Center became bridge players new home in January 2020 thanks to a generous donation by the Charles M. Mathewson Foundation. MBC is now open two days a week for in-person games. See our monthly schedule of In-Person and Virtual Club games on the Games page.

Daily Games & Lessons

During the last year while the Mathewson Bridge Center was closed, we have been offering online coaching sessions, bridge lessons, and daily online games. Visit the Lessons page on this site to see what lessons are currently being offered. We are a resilient group and we love our bridge!

Building Connections

Just as a bridge makes connections between two structures, playing the game of bridge builds connections among people. Contact us at admin@renobridge.com and learn more about becoming part of the Reno bridge community.

Mathewson Bridge Center
Email: webmaster@renobridge.com
Phone: 775-827-3867
125 W. Plumb Ln
Reno, NV 89509